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New! The Elimo-Pillow


Ground Water Rescue is proud to unveil our newest product, The Elimo-Pillow. The Elimo-Pillow is a passive oil absorbent that installs simply but has a lasting impact on any stormwater management system. When used with the Eliminator, the Elimo-Pillow adds an additional level of protection to any catch basin. Not only will the catch basin be protected against oil and floating debris with The Eliminator, the catch basin will be further protected with The Elimo-Pillow by containing hydrocrabons that could otherwise find their way into the stormwater waste stream.

The Elimo-Pillow is Made in the USA and constructed from quality, durable materials that will withstand the catch basin’s environment. The Elimo-Pillow is comprised of a mesh bag with a zipper opening that holds the integrated floats and oil absorbent as well a long tether for maintenance access. This long tether is held at the top of the structure by a magnetic stay to make replacement of the pillow simple, quick and easy. Our reusable mesh bag allows for repeated use of The Elimo-Pillow to reduce waste and costs.

In designing and manufacturing The Elimo-Pillow, we focused on three main features: oil absorption, durability, and maintainability. Just like GWR’s other products, The Elimo-Pillow is durable, easy to install and easy to maintain. It is our goal to make stormwater management simple without increasing the stormwater design footprint. The Elimo-Pillow is another product that we are excited to be selling in order to further this idea.

The Elimo-Pillow can absorb up to 2.2 gallons of hydrocarbons including oil, gasoline, diesel and lubricating oil. The integrated floats increase the floatability of the apparatus while also preventing interference with The Eliminator and outlet pipe. We believe that the Elimo-Pillow should be installed in any location in which oil, gasoline, diesel, or lubricating oil can contaminate the stormwater system. In doing this, the Elimo-Pillow would contain these contaminants that would otherwise enter the stormwater waste stream. When used as a part of our total stormwater management system, you are implementing a simple solution that has a great impact on our environment.


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