The ELIMINATOR™ is designed to trap oil and debris within a catch basin, eliminating waste from storm water runoff and extending the life of the storm water waste system. It helps with Phase II compliance and you can easily retrofit your system.

Its unique neck design seals and retains the trap in the outlet pipe. Manufactured from high density polyethylene, it is lightweight, durable and resistant to the widest range of storm water contaminants. Its large inspection and maintenance port allows easy access to the outlet pipe with a quick quarter turn of the gasket sealed cover. Clearly The ELIMINATOR™ is the only way to flow.

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The ELIMINATOR™ is available in 8”, 10”, 12”, 15” and 18” size.

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Eliminator Specifications

  • Eliminates oil and floating debris from the storm water waste stream.
  • Eliminates prolonged exposure of workers to confined spaces as it installs in minutes.
  • Eliminates waste as it is partially manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Eliminates labor costs as it installs in minutes without fasteners or adhesives.
  • Eliminates maintenance problems as its low contoured profile prevents dislodgment during catch basin cleaning.
  • Eliminates confusion; it’s the only catch basin trap you will want to use.



Passive oil absorbent for catch basins

  • Absorbs up to 2.2 gallons of oil to minimize contamination in the stormwater waste stream
  • Replaceable oil absorbent allows for repeated use of The Elimo-Pillow
  • Simply deploy pillow onto the surface of water, adjust tether, and attach magnetic stay to frame or grate
  • Mesh bag and tether materials provide excellent resistance to stormwater contaminants
  • Easily removable from catch basin without entry into confined space.

Elimo-Pillow Specifications



The Elimo-Filter is designed to effortlessly fit into The ELIMINATOR™ Oil & Floating Debris Trap and turn your catch basin into a total treatment system. This treatment system will:

  • Helps further reduce TSS in the stormwater waste stream while targeting specific contaminants.
  • Fit into a 12” outlet pipe in a standard catch basin without tools, adhesives, or fasteners of any kind.
  • Target a wide range of storm water contaminants including hydrocarbons and heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc, chromium, lead, copper and nickel.
  • Utilize open cell matrix media containment, and a crystalline aluminosilicate media, to absorb hydrocarbon based contaminates, while its ion exchange capability removes heavy metal contaminate through a process of chemical ion exchange.
  • Last up to one year under normal conditions. A twice-yearly inspection of the catch basin is a recommended.

Elimo-Filter Specifications

Replacement of The Elimo-Filter should be done during the annual cleaning of the catch basin. Learn more.


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